We like things in three in the church. The Trinity is three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On the third day Jesus rose.  Three seems to work well.  I am going to propose something for all of us as a church, as the Body of Christ, as individuals.  I would like to call it “Worship plus Two”, which if you are good at math equals three.  Straight off I want to say that I borrowed this phrase from a Methodist Church in North Carolina that I attended this spring. I am not copying completely though as their Worship plus Two is different than what I am proposing.

So what is Worship plus Two? Primarily it is about worship (that’s obvious). To say more, primarily it is about presence in worship. Worship is key to who and what we are as a congregation. Worship is what the Church (note the capital C) was built upon. The disciples and first followers of Jesus gathered together, even daily, for worship and the breaking of bread.  Worship is key. Your presence in worship is key. It is key for you because it is a place to hear God’s word, it is a place to be present with one another in community, it is a place where God will be present (“When two or more are gathered in my name …). Worship really is that important. Worship encourages discipleship and honestly it is the only place and time where we gather as a whole.  That’s the worship part – but in the Worship plus Two it is making a commitment to be in worship – as much as humanly possible. Again, it’s that important for you and for the community that we call First UP Church Tarentum.

What is the plus Two part? Plus Two is that all of us make the commitment to engage in two more things besides worship in the life of the congregation. It may mean Sunday School and youth group, it may be choir and Sunday School, it may be bell choir and choir, it may be cooking a soup for Lent “n” Soups and going on a mission trip, it may be helping at IHN and knitting blankets, it may be assisting in worship and being a youth leader. There are literally thousands of combinations to be in the Plus Two category. Some may be once and done activities and some may be ongoing.  Plus Two works for adults and children or youth. Youth can be in youth group and go on a mission trip. Children can go to Sunday school (adults you would have to bring them) and come to Fruity Jr (again adults you have to bring them).  Plus two sometimes means leading something up and sometimes means being present in a group.

I don’t want to stop you if you want to do Plus Three or Plus Four or Plus …., but what if each of us made the commitment to do Worship Plus Two?  Don’t know what Plus Two options are out there? I can help you out, come talk to me, send me an email.  In this newsletter is a list of Plus Two opportunities – I am sure I will miss some, but you will have a general list of which to go by.

One more thing – you can create a new Plus Two opportunity. Want to start and lead an evening Bible Study? You have my permission.  Want to lead and start a gardening group that tends the flower beds around the church? You have my permission. Want to lead and start a contemporary singing group? You have my permission.  Just come to me with your idea and if the idea is reasonable, I can help you put it in motion.

Worship plus Two – imagine what our congregation would look like if we practiced this.

See you in worship soon.

Rev. Phil

  • Sunday school leader

  • Sunday school participant

  • Nursery attendant

  • Choir

  • Bell choir

  • Instrumentalist

  • Children’s Choir

  • Children/Youth Bell Choir

  • Special Music - summer

  • Fruity Youth Group participant

  • Fruity Youth Group leader

  • Fruity Jr. Youth Group participant

  • Fruity Jr. Youth Group leader

  • Fellowship Hour Host

  • Lent n Soup – soup maker, set up, clean up

  • IHN – meal, fellowship or overnight

  • Mission Trip to WV

  • Presbyterian Women

  • Property Committee

  • Christmas Pageant participant

  • Sunday Morning Assistant

  • CD of Sunday Morning Worship

  • Vacation Bible School leader

  • Vacation Bible School participant

  • Water Ministry at the Farmers Market

  • Evangelism Committee

  • Volunteer “cleaner” at the Hope Center

  • Tarentum Friendship Garden volunteer

  • Decorating the church

  • Visiting Shut-ins

  • Card Ministry

  • Prayer Team Ministry

  • Children’s Sermon

  • Theology Thursday participant

  • Longest Night Worship participant

  • Photographer

  • Light maintenance at the church Library -oversee

  • Library– shelve books

  • Funeral Luncheon leadership

  • Funeral Luncheon phone caller

  • Funeral Luncheon – provide food

  • Funeral Luncheon – set up, set out, clean up

  • Church Bulletin Boards – decorate, monitor, change

  • Church flower beds – weed, mulch, trim

  • Fall leaf disposal

  • Church Christmas Dinner entertainment

  • Church Christmas Dinner set up & clean up

  • Church Picnic organization, set up & clean up

  • Quarter Sunday – carry the bucket

  • Office help – fold & stuff bulletins

  • Worship committee

  • Fall Festival helper

  • Kids Christmas party helper

  • Sadecky Puppets helper

  • Photographer worship and events

  • Social Media evangelism

Worship Plus Two Opportunities